Solenoid Assembly, Round, 12 Volt, Compact - $153.99
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Solenoid Assembly, Round, 12 Volt, Compact

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$153.99 SKU: PS528C-NV2

Product Description

This assembly is pre-wired and ready for installation. Just connect your field wires to F1 and F2 and the armature to the motor. Connect the positive to the battery. Use your previous assembly’s bolts to attach the PS528N-CNV2.


This product replaces the can, mechanical-style solenoids with a compact-style.

Product Includes:

  • One compact solenoid
    Two field wires (one positive wire, one armature wire with boots and eyes)
    Plug wires with spade connections
    Ground wire
    Female plug
    Plastic cover
    Metal base.