Wheel Chock Set, Rubber, Rope, 4"X4"X8", Yellow & Black - $41.99
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Wheel Chock Set, Rubber, Rope, 4"X4"X8", Yellow & Black

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$41.99 SKU: WC24483

Product Description

Buyers Products Rubber Wheel Chock Set fits snugly under wheels to keep vehicles in place while they are serviced or parked. They are attached together with a 3 ft nylon rope for easy retrieval and placement. The wheel chock set is also ideal for ground support equipment or construction.

Each side has a stripe of bright yellow reflective tape for improved visibility. The wheel chocks are constructed from ribbed rubber and are rust and chemical-proof.

Keeps vehicles and trailers in place.
Easily carry, place and keep set together with included 3 ft nylon rope.
Resists oil, rust, salt, and sun to provide years of durable use.
Bright yellow reflective tape adds visibility.
Product Common Use: Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Storage, Ground Support Equipment, Utility Vehicles