Light Bar, LED, 11" Rectangular, Amber/Blue, Multi-Mount - $167.99
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Light Bar, LED, 11" Rectangular, Amber/Green, Multi-Mount

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$167.99 SKU: 8891049

Product Description

Buyers Products Rectangular Multi-Mount LED Mini Light Bar has 24 LEDs and includes a 15 ft power cord with accessory power plug. This light mounts on your vehicle with heavy duty magnetic feet or a permanent mounting stud.


The light bar features 10 flash patterns

Ten adjustable flash patterns.
Includes accessory power plug with on/off and momentary flash pattern switch.
Can be permanently or magnetically mounted.
Product Common Use: Snow Plow Truck, Work Truck, Trailers
Wattage:  24W
Voltage:  12-24
Color:  Amber/Blue