Pintle Hook, Swivel Type, Spring Loaded, 15 Ton - $223.99
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Pintle Hook, Swivel Type, Spring Loaded, 15 Ton

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$223.99 SKU: BP100A

Product Description

The 15 Ton Swivel Type Pintle Hook from Buyers Products has both a spring cushion and swivel action to reduce stress on towing mechanisms and allow for off-road and uneven terrain towing. The spring reduces stress upon acceleration and the swivel action allows for travel over rough terrain.

It is ideal for construction and utility equipment, military equipment, and highway construction towing purposes for loads up to 30,000 lb.

For off-road use, load should be reduced by 25%.

Reduces towing stress upon acceleration.
Provides torsional relief when towing over uneven terrain.
Strong forged steel construction.
Gross Vehicle Weight:  30,000 lb.
Product Common Use: Construction and Utility Equipment Towing, Road Construction, Military Equipment Towing