E-Track, 2X6 Strap With Ring - $9.79
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E-Track, 2X6 Strap With Ring

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Product Description

Buyers Products 6 Inch E-Track Rope Ring Strap can be used with an E-track system to provide a powerful and flexible tie off point. The strap is 2 inches wide with a rope ring on the end. It can install anywhere along your E-track system, giving you plenty of flexibility in positioning your straps, cords, and chains.

Working load limit:  1,000 lb.
Break strength:  3,000 lb.
Equipped with an E-track spring fitting for easy attachment to your E-track system.
The D ring provides an ideal anchor point for tie downs, ropes, or cords.
Keeps straps from getting tangled.
Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
Works with Ford® Boxlink Systems (standard on all 2015+ F-series pickups).