Brake Control, Predator DX2, 1-2 Axle, Digital, Proportional - $94.50
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Brake Control, Predator DX2, 1-2 Axle, Digital, Proportional

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$94.50 SKU: 058-008-00

Product Description

Dexter Electric Trailer Brake Controller for 2 & 4 brake trailers features Digital LED indicator, adjustable brake output & manual braking switch. Inertia-activated electronic brake controller. Unlike time-based controllers which ramp up to full power on a pre-set time scale, the inertia-activated Predator DX2 matches the driver's desired braking effort to actual brake output. Universal wiring fits most any tow vehicle.

Large digital LED displays voltage output and makes leveling quick and easy

Independent manual slide overrides the gain setting for full braking power

Short circuit protection prevents damage to the controller

Versatile mounting range of -35 to 90 degrees to accommodate a wide variety of vehicle interiors

Standard 4-wire hookup is compatible with virtually all 12-volt, negative ground tow vehicles