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We have trailer jack replacement parts! Is your trailer jack still working fine, but the handle is a little bent? Or maybe you lost the pin to your drop-leg jack? Don't replace the complete jack. Whether it's a footplate, jack handle, swivel bracket or any other piece of your jack, Husky has the trailer jack replacement parts you need in stock and ready to ship.

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Hitch or trailer jacks make your life safer and easier when it comes to hooking up your trailer and towing vehicle. If you have ever owned or used a trailer, you know exactly how amazing a good trailer jack can be. If you own a small trailer, you may be able to lift the trailer onto the hitch. Customers who own a boat trailer or even a regular medium or large trailer will know that lifting the trailer onto the hitch is not an option. A trailer jack uses a crank which extends a metal shaft that quickly and easily raises the trailer tongue so it can be painlessly attached to the hitch of your towing vehicle. Without a trailer jack, your options for safely connecting the trailer tongue to the hitch become very limited. To avoid a compromised or broken hitch jack, regular maintenance and care are very important. If you need to repair your jack, Husky Trailer's excellent collection of trailer jack parts can help.

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While hitch jacks are fairly simple in their design and function, a variety of parts and components can become damaged or wear down over time. Whether you are searching for a trailer jack repair kit, electric trailer jack parts or even trailer tongue jack parts, we have exactly what you need. Let's say you accidentally back up your towing vehicle a little too far one day and break the jack handle. No worries! Our selection of trailer jack replacement parts features a variety of jack handles, including side wind jack handles, top wind jack handles and more. Or maybe your trailer has been sitting outside for a couple of years covered by tarps. During these years exposed to the elements, the jack footplate and internal wench system have rusted. Our collection of trailer jack parts has you covered.

If you are having trouble locating specific trailer jack replacement parts on our online store, please contact us or call 936-295-9900. The trailer experts working at Husky Trailer & Parts Co. are available and ready to help you get back out on the road.

What Trailer Jack Height Should I Choose?

Choosing the right trailer jack height depends on your towing vehicle. You want the extended height of your trailer jack to easily clear the hitch ball of your vehicle. Make the appropriate measurements to ensure your trailer will clear the hitch ball of your towing vehicle and you've found yourself the perfect trailer jack.

What Weight Capacity Should My Trailer Jack Have?

The required weight capacity of your trailer jack should match or exceed the weight capacity of your trailer tongue weight. Typically the tongue weight is 10 to 15 percent of your total trailer weight. If you have a 6,000-lb trailer, the weight capacity of the trailer tongue weight would be a minimum of 600 lbs. As a result, the weight capacity of your trailer jack should at least be 600 lbs.

What is the Difference Between a Manual & Electric Trailer Jack?

As the names imply, the difference between a manual and electric trailer jack is how one operates the jack itself. Manual jacks are raised and lowered using a crank which is manually operated. On the other hand, electric jacks are raised and lowered by battery power that is activated with the flip of a switch. The obvious advantage of the electric trailer jack is the lack of effort required by the operator. Manual jacks, however, have simpler designs and are less likely to break. In terms of repair, manual jacks are much easier and cheaper to fix while electric trailer jack parts are more expensive and more difficult to install. Regardless of the jack you own, we carry both manual trailer jack replacement parts and electric trailer jack parts on our online store.