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You never want to find yourself stranded due to a failed tire. Keeping a spare tire with you at all times is the safest, quickest way to avoid this problem. Stowing an extra tire in your tow vehicle, however, is not always possible. Investing in a trailer spare tire mount is an excellent solution. With a few strong pieces of metal and some bolts, you can easily mount a spare tire to your trailer. Explore our collection to find a trailer spare tire carrier that works best for you.

Find a Spare Tire Carrier for Trailers

At Husky Trailer & Supply Co., we carry three types of trailer spare tire carriers: bolt-on trailer spare tire mounts, locking and non-locking U-bolt spare tire carriers for trailers, and weld on trailer spare tire carriers.

Bolt-On Trailer Hitch Spare Tire Carrier

Fitting 3" x 4" tongues, our Bolt-On Trailer Spare Tire Mounts can be installed on the side rails and A-frame of your trailer. Constructed out of a sturdy frame, our spare tire carriers for trailers can be easily secured and installed with industrial-strength bolts.

Locking & Non-Locking U-Bolt Trailer Spare Tire Carriers

U-Bolt trailer spare tire mounts are simple, durable, and easy to install in a variety of places on your trailer. Like other bolt-on spare tire carriers for trailers, our U-Bolt Trailer Spare Tire Carriers can be secured side rails and A-frames. Moreover, our U-bolt spare tire mounts come with and without a special lock. If you'd like the additional security, you can easily lock your spare tire in the U-bolt tire mount to reduce the likelihood of theft.

Weldable Spare Tire Carrier for Trailers

If you would like to establish a secure connection between your trailer frame and spare tire mount, we carry weldable trailer spare tire carriers. If you possess the skills and equipment to weld the trailer spare tire mount yourself, great! You can save yourself some money and peace of mind by installing an extra secure spare tire mount welded in place.

If you are browsing our store and cannot find the correct trailer hitch spare tire carrier, do not hesitate to contact us online or call 936-295-9900. The experts at Husky Trailer & Parts Co. are available to help you.