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Tow Dolly

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Tow Dolly Replacement Parts

For RV and motorhome enthusiasts, it is typical to tow a smaller car along each new adventure to easily make quick runs to the store or short day trips from camp. A tow dolly is a two-wheel trailer commonly used for this very purpose. In comparison with flat towing, tow dollies present a variety of advantages. A trailer tow dolly with brakes does not require modifications to your RV or motorhome and makes loading and unloading your car painless. If you're interested in a tow dolly for sale online or searching for replacement parts to maintain an existing trailer dolly, Husky Trailer & Parts Co. can help.

Trailer Dolly Fenders & Lighting

Proper brake lighting for your trailer dolly and the car you are towing is important for your safety and commonly required by state law. Our collection of trailer tow dolly parts include quality fenders for both the left wheel and right wheel, LED lights, mount bracketing and wiring harnesses so you can travel safely and in compliance with state laws. Browse our selection of electric trailer dolly replacement parts and lighting equipment to get started.

If you are having trouble finding a quality trailer dolly for sale online or specific replacement parts for your existing tow dolly, the experts at Husky Trailer are available to help. Contact us online or call 936-295-9900 to speak with a tow dolly expert today. 

How to Use a Tow Dolly

If you've worked with other hitch systems in the past, setting up your tow dolly will be easy. If you're unfamiliar with the setup process, you should follow the instruction manual for your specific trailer dolly. In general, you'll want to follow this simplified checklist to get started:

1. Set the hitch ball at the correct height.
2. Secure the coupler on the hitch ball.
3. Crisscross the safety chains beneath the tongue and secure them between the tow dolly and the hitch.
4. Set up the trailer dolly lights and brakes.
5. Load the vehicle you are towing.
6. Secure the tire straps, tighten them and lock the ratchet.
7. Release the parking brake on the towed vehicle and lock the doors.

How Much is a Tow Dolly?

A tow dolly for sale typically averages between $2,000 and $4,500. How much you choose to spend on a trailer dolly for sale largely depends on your needs. If you are only planning on using a tow dolly a couple of times a year for short trips, it would make sense to purchase a tow dolly at a lower price. If you are frequently towing your car across the country, it is in your best interest to invest in a quality trailer tow dolly. 

How to Load a Non-Running Car on a Tow Dolly

If you ever need to move or transport a car that will not start, a trailer dolly is a great solution that will save you time and money. The big issue, of course, is how to load a non-running car on a tow dolly. While there are a few ways to accomplish this task, one particular solution is safer and more affordable. First, align your trailer tow dolly with your car. Next, you will need a come-along device. If you do not already have a come-along, you can purchase a decent device at a local hardware store for $50 or less. Once you have a come-along device in your possession, hook up one end to the towing vehicle and the other end to the dead car. Start wrenching and the dead car will be pulled toward and onto the tow dolly.