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As the name suggests, diamond plate tandem axle trailer fenders are designed to work with trailers possessing two axles. Just like other types of these rugged components, a diamond plate steel trailer fender is strong and sturdy to offer your trailer extraordinary protection while driving. However, aside from keeping your trailer safe from various elements and debris, a diamond plate trailer fender also looks great and will help maintain the structural integrity of your trailer to handle demanding work.

FAQ About Diamond Plate Tandem Axle Trailer Fenders

If you've never added a fender to your trailer, installing a diamond plate trailer fender is relatively quick and easy. However, you might be wondering if your trailer even needs a fender. Or you may be unsure about how these components fully work. Don't fret — we're here to help. Below, we have some frequently asked questions about our diamond plate steel trailer fender products. Check out the answers to these inquiries, or contact us today if you have any further questions.

How Does a Diamond Plate Trailer Fender Work?

A diamond plate trailer fender, like other types of fenders, is installed above the tires of your trailer. This tough piece of metal is able to protect your wheels and trailer from random items kicked up on the road, including rocks, glass, and other debris.

What Sizes of Diamond Plate Trailer Fenders Do You Carry?

We carry a selection of fenders, including diamond plate tandem axle trailer fenders, in sizes that range between 10" X 72" to 9-3/4" X 72".

What Are Diamond Plate Trailer Fenders Recommended For?

Because there are multiple variations of trailer fenders, it's important that you know which one is best for your specific use. For example, standard fenders are used for utility trailers or ones that transport cars. However, the diamond plate trailer fender is recommended for dump trailers and trailers that haul heavy-duty equipment. It can also be installed on car hauling or utility trailers, too.